My Resume


Name : Mr. Essa Jabr Hammad Abuyahya
Date of Birth : October , 19th, 1963
Citizenship : Jordanian .
Social status : Married , have 6 children
Mother Language : Arabic .
Second Language : English .
Postal Address : P.O.Box 330838Amman11134 ,Jordan
Tel. Number : mobile: 00962-79-5364908

v BS in Medical Laboratory. From 8/1982 to 6/1987 atYarmoukUniversity(Jordan).
GPA=80.2%(3.2), rating is very good and class rank is the 7th among 76 students .
MSc in Biology (Clinical Sciences program) atUniversity of Bridgeport,CT,USA. From 8/1988 to 5/1990, with GPA=3.967 out of 4.00.

During B.Sc. : Placed on the Honor list 1984/85 ofYarmoukUniversity.
During M.S.c : – Got Graduate assistantship, spring semester 1989.
– Appointed as Assistant Instructor for one-year 1989/90.
– A member of the Honor Society of Phi kappa Phi (USA).

GRE: Dec. 10th 94; Verbal (360) ,Quant. (530), Analat. (420), Total: (1310).

BS courses in English and MSc fromAmericanUniversity(2 years).
TOEFL (Jan., 1995): score =533. And ELS Test (Dec. 1988) =110 level.


During BSc and MSc Programs :
Assisted my professors in their research in 1987 in Microbiology for 6 weeks (Testing microbial growth in syrup drug products), & for one course work on isolation of Leptospira inJordan. In Parasitology research for 6 months.
Training in Medical laboratories for one year in Yarmouk University Diagnostic Lab. and in Islamic Hospital Medical Laboratory (teaching Hospital).
During MSc program: Teaching assistant; Biology dept. from 1/1989 – 5/1990, including Medical Microbiology, Human Biology, physiology and Anatomy.

After Graduation :
As Clinical Laboratory Specialist, responsible for Laboratories and Training programs for AlBirr Charity Hospitals for refugees, 3/1991 – 6/1991,Pakistan.
From 6/1991 – 23/10/1993 as the Director of the Central Medical Lab’s for charity health projects serving 40RefugeeHospitalsand Clinics inPakistan.
10/1993–2/1996 as the Incharge of the Microbiology Lab of the Islamic Hospital,Amman,Jordan. In addition to the active involvement in the other Lab sections.
2/1996 till now, Director of my private Medical Laboratories, Jordan.

Private medical Laboratory practice license inJordanby Ministry of Health .

1) The Role of Honey in the Treatment of Cancer by the Islamic and Traditional Medicine inJordanandSyria. This article presented orally at the 1st International Conference on the Medical Uses of Honey inMalaysia(August 26-28 , 2006) .
2) The Antimicrobial and anticarcinogenic effects of Honey, other Bee Products and Apple Vinegar. Suggestions for Scientific Research (not publeshed).
A Ph.D research student registered on 15-11-2005 at Un. SainsMalaysia,School ofPharmaceutical Sciences, ” Medicinal applications of Honey”.

My interest in the Natural and Herbal medicine peaked after gaining strong information about such unique therapies during my work in Pakistn where Herbal Healers practicing Homeopathy, Magnitotherpy and Reflexology. I found their ideologies matched to my thinking of the best therapeutic procedures. This opens my mind to such unique ancient medicine and encouraged me to search more and read about traditional medicine.

In 1996 my mother got Lymphoma and her breast surgically removed and many chemotherapy courses were applied, but still some chest muscles affected by tumor. Because of the chemotherapy side effects we decided to stop it. In stead we used a natural remedy for two months and got good results where the enlargement of the muscles disappeared gradually.This encouraged me more to do my research in natural cancer health. In addition to developing natural formula composed mainly of honey and bee products for cancer patients. Over time my desire to learn more about natural medicine continued to grow. I am strongly motivated by the desire to discover more alternative therapies for cancer and other serious ailments.

I am practicing herbal and natural medicine (like Apitherapy, Bloodletting cup therapy, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Reflexology , Energy Medicine and Natural Detoxification procedures) since 1996, through Herbal Alternative Remedies and Therapies; a personal business project established to produce herbal and natural traditional formulas.
I am preparing for the Doctorate in Alternative Medicine by research work. I have achieved a lot of work concerning natural medicine. I want to further this safe, effective healing discipline. I am going to help advancing the cause of Alternative Medicine. I have a lot to offer. I will continue to give my best to the good of the profession and the people that need the care and concern of sincere practitioners.